It’s Snowed!

It’s been a pretty exciting week for me. I’ve changed jobs, got tickets to the Vancouver John Butler Trio concert in Feb (woohoo!!) and it officially snowed on Monday! Real snow!


What is it about  snow that always turns me into a little kid? Maybe it’s the surprise. I never actually expect it to snow, it’s not normal for me yet. It’s like walking into a Christmas movie. Doing errands that morning I had this big, irrepressible smile on my face. I had really come to Canada.


And I know, I know, that wasn’t real Canadian snow. People have been telling me all week. That was light, a little wet and only lasted a day or two. There are a million places in Canada with better snow than that. Probably places like Yellowknife, which at the moment has an air temperature of -38C, but when you factor in the wind chill feels like -48C.


That’s not a temperature in my books. That’s the inside of a freezer. If I was surprised by a little snow in Vancouver, I am definitely not ready for real Canada winter snow or temperatures. I might need to ease into that.

Yellowknife Temp

Sadly now the snow is all gone and all that’s left are my photos and excited facebook posts. But if you’re in Vancouver I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. And if you didn’t, here’s my favourite John Butler Trio song to make up for it (Feb 16th people, tickets on sale now and the first show’s already sold out!).