Cafe Review Index

Who doesn’t love a good coffee? I know I do.

Below is a list of cafes in Vancouver I’ve reviewed and the rating I’ve given them.

Melriches 3
Melriches Coffeehouse – My favourite coffee so far

I hope you enjoy trying Vancouver’s lattes as much as I have.

Melriches Coffeehouse – 4.5 Stars
Coo Coo Cafe
 – 3.5 Stars
Darry’s Coffee & Native Art Shop – 4 Stars
Brekka Cafe – 3 Stars
Innocent Coffee – 4 Stars
Buzz Cafe and Espresso Bar – 2.5 Stars (3 Stars)
Thierry Chocolate Patisserie Café – 2.5 Stars
Union Market – 4 Stars

To give you an idea of what my ratings mean, below is a brief description. 

Rating System
1 Stars – I don’t like giving 0 stars, but this wasn’t impressive.
2 Stars – There’s potential here, but something’s wrong.
3 Stars – It was reasonable. Nothing special. But reasonable.
4 Stars – This is proper coffee, worth going out of your way for.
4.5 Stars – Great coffee in a cafe with atmosphere. This is one to remember.
5 Stars – The holy grail. Great coffee and atmosphere with that extra special something as well. 


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