Cafe Review: Cafe Zen on Yew

A couple of weeks ago I went on my first breakfast outing in Kitsilano. It’s taken me five months to get over the bridge, which is pretty poor form I know, so when I finally went I decided to try one of the top rated Kitsilano breakfasts on Yelp: Cafe Zen on Yew.

Blueberry pancakes with a side of eggs, my new favourite breakfast

REVIEW: Cafe Zen on Yew
1631 Yew St
Kitsilano, Vancouver

Rating: 3/5 Stars

The first thing to know about Cafe Zen is that it is open. There’s a mass of construction happening out the front, so it’d be easy to disheartened and assume it was closed. But never fear, the tiny sign on the door isn’t lying and you should definitely head in.

Once you get inside it will probably be packed. We went at 9:30 on a Saturday and although it only took a coupe of minutes to get a table, the cafe was very busy. It’s definitely a popular place.

One enormous coffee!

Truth is I didn’t go to Cafe Zen for it’s coffee. I was mostly there to try the breakfast so many people were raving and on that front I wasn’t disappointed. It’s not the fanciest cafe you’ll every go to. They’re definitely not trying to keep up with design trends. But the prices are reasonable and it’s a proper hearty breakfast. I can see why it’s a local favourite.

And to be upfront, the coffee itself was good. Proper roasted flavour, could have been a little stronger but it was nicely creamy for a latte. I don’t think that I’ll be going back for another though, because as strange as it sounds the coffee was too big. It must have been twice the size of a normal coffee and could easily have come in a small soup bowl. And that’s just too much latte for me in one go.

That probably sounds ridiculous right. Too much coffee? How fussy do you want to be? But it was enormous! I’m not even sure they have smaller sizes. I left breakfast feeling jittery and a little too wired. I understand that it was fairly priced. To have the kind of flavour it did, there were at least two shots in the latte (possibly more). So for $4.20 I got a pretty good deal. But I’d rather pay $3.60 for one shot than $4.20 for two. It’s less economical but I don’t need that much caffeine in the morning. If you do, however, don’t let my review put you off. Cafe Yen on Yew is the place for you!


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