Cafe Review: Finches Tea & Coffee House

In another attempt to get out of my coffee comfort zone (namely Davie St), I decided to head into Downtown and Finches Tea & Coffee House for my latest coffee adventure. I’d peaked through the door a couple of weeks ago, on my way to lunch, and the hints of wooden furniture and overgrown pot plants made me think this could be my kind of place.

Finches Tea & Coffee House

REVIEW: Finches Tea & Coffee House
353 W Pender St
Downtown Vancouver

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Sometimes I wonder, no I’m sure, that there’s an interior decorating formula for pleasing people like me. Take one part retro china and add one part lush greenery. Make sure there’s a solid foundation of wooden furniture and that none of is matches exactly. Then top off with indie rock music and you have one happy customer.

Pot plants galore! I was too scared to go up and touch them, but they looked real.

Honestly though, I don’t think I care. I love these kinds of cafes and their comforting kind of  charm. And with a menu that includes hot & spicy organic apple cider, Horlicks, steamed soy and maple and hot/cold blackcurrant juice, what more could you ask for?

A pretty little centrepiece

Ok, to avoid sounding like a groupy there were a couple of negatives. The music was a little loud at the start. It’s a pretty busy cafe and, with no wifi, it’s not really somewhere you can lounge around for an afternoon. None of these things were deal breakers for me, but I just wanted to prove I could look past the the decore.

And, to get to the big issue, the coffee was good. Not amazing, but still a decent well made coffee. I thought mine was a little thinner than I’d like and maybe there was more foam on top than I was expecting for a latte. But now I’m digging deep and being super picky. Overall it was a very satisfying mid-morning coffee and my chocolate chip oatmeal cookie was the perfect compliment.

Midmorning sugar and caffeine

Finches Tea & Coffee House manages to combine hipster fun with an accessibility that stops it from being pretentious. And just to prove it, their playlist included a little Tina Turner. Just to mix it up. Tina Turner and Hot Blackcurrant juice. I’ll definitely be back.


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