Hello Snow!

It’s finally here! The lifts are open, puffy jackets are being pulled out of storage and thighs are being psyched for days of hard work .The ski season has started!

Oh Canada . . 

Last weekend I finally got to go snowboarding at Whistler. I missed the 2013 Australian ski season entirely, so it’s been over a year since my board’s had a workout. I was pretty nervous at the start, but once I’d thrown myself down a run or two it all came flooding back. Nothing’s more fun than flying down a mountain on your board (or skis if you’re a skier, the debate rages on).

The snow’s finally arrived!

It’s pretty early in the season and my Canadian friends told me it will definitely get better. Only a few runs were open, they complained, so it was really busy. And the snow coverage wasn’t that great. But don’t worry, they’d reassure me, this is nothing. Wait a few weeks and then you’ll see what Whistler is really about.

Mt Hotham
You think that’s patchy snow? This is patchy snow – Mt Hotham’s 2013 season opening
Photo Credit: News.com.au

As an Australian though, I thought it was pretty bloody amazing already. Yeah not all the runs are open so it was busy, but I’ve seen worse. And some of the runs further down the mountain had patchy coverage. It was still nothing compared to a bad day back home (check out this article and video if you want to see really patchy runs).

Back on my board

So as far as I’m concerned if last weekend wasn’t impressive, what I’ve got to look forward to is going to be brilliant! Bring on the snow!


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