Hot Tip For Airports

Another day, another trip to an airport. As much as I love travelling, I’m ready to be back in Vancouver. It’s time to keep my feet on the ground and enjoy winter in Canada.

Airports and endless escalators
Airports and escalators, the two go hand in hand

Hot tip for hanging out in airports; don’t wonder out of the secure area looking for junior mints. Just because you can leave through one door, doesn’t mean you can come back in.

If you do leave, you’ll have to travel all the way back to start and go through security all over again. Which can take over an hour. Junior mints are great, but not worth the stress.


3 thoughts on “Hot Tip For Airports

  1. All depends on the airport! I once flew to Hyderabad for an interview I the airport… My soon to be new boss was going back to Singapore and I came in from Mumbai. Technically we were at the same airport. But not really. So I chatted up the security guards, slipped out and we found a business centre with bad aircon to have a rather productive chat! There are ways… at some airports… which probably isn’t a good thing!

    • It definitely depends on the airport! I had a similar experience at the Delhi international airport. I walked out of the baggage claim area only to be told I couldn’t go back inside without taking a tuk tuk all the way back to the check in wing. I then chatted to another security guard, was allowed into a waiting room upstairs, then took the escalator down straight into the baggage area again. It was all pretty confusing!

      Sadly though, San Francisco airport security were a little stricter 😛

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