Cafe Review: Buzz Cafe and Espresso Bar

* I’ve recently put up an index of my cafe reviews and in the process decided to change Buzz Cafe’s rating. Not by much, but it had to be done.

A couple of days after visiting Innocent Coffee I was in Yaletown and stopped by Buzz Cafe and Espresso Bar. Just like Innocent Coffee it’s a cafe/gallery, but it’s funny how very different the two are.

Buzz Cafe
Buzz Cafe and Espresso Bar

REVIEW: Buzz Cafe and Espresso Bar
901 Homer St
Yaletown Vancouver

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (3 Stars)

Unlike Innocent Coffee, as soon as you walk into Buzz Cafe you feel like you’re in a gallery. The walls are painted a muted mauve colour and there are lots of comfy couches and coffee tables scattered around. Together with it’s high, roomy ceilings the cafe feel luxurious and a tiny bit serious; nothing like the bright but enclosed Innocent Coffee. Although I haven’t been in Vancouver very long, Buzz Cafe feels very Yaletown to me.

Combine this openness and the large couches with the cafe’s free wifi and it’s easy to see why it’s so busy. Most of the couches were filled with people working or having meetings. The jazz playing in the background was just the icing on the cake.

Buzz Cafe
Buzz Cafe and Espresso Bar

Sadly, while a relaxed atmosphere is the cafe’s strongest  asset, the coffee was not. My latte was a little burnt and a bit thin, despite containing two shots. As soon as I tasted it I wanted to add sugar and that’s not a good sign. The mark of a good coffee is when you enjoy the first sip, without instantly wanting to add extras.

On a finally high note, my carrot cake was delicious and very well priced for it’s size. But it didn’t make up for the coffee. It’s a bit of a dilemma really. Buzz Cafe is a lovely place to hang out, but I’m still paying $3.60 for an unimpressive coffee. And for me, that’s a deal breaker.


2 thoughts on “Cafe Review: Buzz Cafe and Espresso Bar

  1. Hello Ana,
    I am so sorry you has a less than wonderful experience in our cafe. Admittedly we had a minor issue with our machine last week and consequently our shots were pouring inconsistently. This was brought to our attention after a few drinks had already gone out. Fortunately we were able to rectify the situation quickly, but it sounds like your coffee was one of the substandard ones. We use only 49th Parallel beans and their technicians routinely check our grind and pour for consistency, in addition to our own consistency checks throughout the day. I am unhappy that your coffee was not up to standard, and I invite you to return to our cafe any time, let us know who you are and enjoy a latte on the house.

    Jennifer and Chris Harrison
    The Buzz Cafe & Harrison Galleries

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I’m glad to hear the issue has been fixed. I would feel a bit guilty accepting a free coffee, but I’ll definitely stop by the next time I’m in the area and let you know how it goes.


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