Cafe Review: Breka Downtown Bakery and Cafe

The Breka Downtown Bakery & Cafe isn’t on Davie St (finally, I made it off!), but I had walked past it a number of times before stopping. There were always a crowd of people inside and it seemed pleasantly light up at unusual hours. A local, late night, weekday cafe is an nice thing to have up your sleeve so I thought I’d stop by and try it out.

Breka Bakery
The Breka Downtown Bakery & Cafe

REVIEW: Breka Downtown Bakery & Cafe
818 Bute St
Sunset Vancouver

Rating: 3/5 Stars

I’ve been to the Breka Downtown Bakery and Café a couple of times now and it’s an unusual mix; part bakery, part café and part university library. Half of the space is taken up by the brightly light bakery display, while the other half is made up of large, shared tables and couches (with everyone on them vying for power points). If I’m being honest, it’s not a place I could imagine calling my local. It was a bit too bright, a little too noisy and maybe a little too commercial to call my own. Sure I’m happy to stop by for the occasional coffee and their free wifi, but I guess I’ve always gone there out of convenience. Not for the coffee.

Breka Bakery
Breka Bakery & Cafe: My latte and kuffle

The first time I visited the café I had a kuffle and a latte. Neither was spectacular. The kuffle was nice but not as creamy as I was expecting. Similarly the coffee was pleasant, but didn’t have a lot of body and was a little too milky for my taste. The next time I visited I asked for a hot apply cider, but was told they couldn’t make it because they were out of cinnamon. Apparently a hot apply cider is just regular apple juice with cinnamon added and heated. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations, but is that all that hot apple ciders are? I ended up with a hot chocolate instead, which was nice. But just standard warmed milk and nothing exciting. That might be how I’d sum up the coffee and food I had at the Breka Bakery and Café; it was fine but nothing stood out.

Breka Bakery
Breka Bakery & Cafe: Hot Chocolate

Nonetheless the bakery/café is reasonably priced and open 24/7. If I need a place to go to gossip with friends at 11pm on a weeknight, I’d much rather come here than a Tim Hortons or Wendys any day.


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