Halloween Is A Great Holiday

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Halloween is a fantastic holiday. I love the costumes, the lollies and watching fireworks out my window (right now!). I love how many people are out and about on the street, dressed to the hilt and having fun. So I thought I’d share some of my halloween moments with you.

House Decorations
Back home no one decorates their house for halloween. No one. Let alone dresses up themselves, sits in front of their house and entertains children.

Back home if you were a child going trick or treating, you’d be lucky to find a home that actually had lollies. And not just crackers and apples. Like my house did for so many disappointed kids.

Tonight I walked past a man who’s head fell off his shoulders. Scared the crap out of me. Then, for my trouble, he gave me some candy. Awsome fun.

Haunted House
Haunted House Fun

I then walked past a charity haunted house/freak show. They had a bunch of people dressed up, acting out things, as well as displays (see below). For my donation they also offered me as much candy as I wanted. More fun!

A new resident I presume . . 

I don’t think I’d ever seen a real jack-o-lantern before coming to Canada. How much fun are they! I didn’t realise people actually made them, that’s so much effort! Below are some that I’ve seen around.

Pumpkin Fun
Happy Jack-o-lantern
Pumpkin Fun
Fiery Jack-o-lantern
Pumpkin Fun
And the classic Angry Jack-o-lantern

I also saw an Ironman jack-o-lantern, but it was too far away to take a clear photo of.

I’ve put this photo up before, but they’re my favourite jack-o-lanterns so it’s going up again.
A Jack-o-lantern Family


Happy Halloween Everyone!!


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