Cafe Review: Darryl’s Coffee and Native Art Shop

I know I’ve mentioned getting off Davie St and trying cafes in other parts of Vancouver. But it’s hard to motivate myself to go any further when it’s become clear that Davie St is full of good cafes! Next time, I promise, I’ll mix it up. But if you needed another reason to come to this side of downtown, there’s Darry’s Coffee & Native Art Shop.

Darryls Coffee and Native Art Shop
Darryl’s Coffee & Native Art Shop

REVIEW: Darryl’s Coffee & Native Art Shop
945 Davie St
Yaletown, Vancouver

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Darryl’s Coffee and Native Art Shop on Davie Street has a fairly unassuming front. I’d walked past it a number of times, but it took me a while to realise it was a café. In addition to this, you can tell from the outside that the cafe is fairly small and you would be forgiven for wondering if this was a place you could relax in. Do not let the lack of flash or show fool you; Darryl’s Coffee & Native Art Shop is a classic café and definitely worth a look.

Darryls Coffee and Native Art Shop
Darryl’s Coffee & Native Art Shop

As always, the first thing I judge a café by is it’s coffee and Darryl did not disappoint. My latte was aromatic with a solid flavour and the milk wasn’t burnt. It wasn’t the absolute best coffee I’ve had in Vancouver (I think Melriches has claimed a spot in my heart!), but that doesn’t matter because there are other reasons to visit the café.

Firstly Darryl is an excellent host and a wealth of knowledge. He can give you advice on everything from travelling in Canada, to how to survive in the wild if your travel should go astray and even where to get the best, cheap dinner in Vancouver. When I asked Darryl about wifi in the café, he replied that he doesn’t have any because he wants his customers to have real conversations. From the effort he goes to make you feel at home, I believe he truly means it.

The shop also has a range of First Nation art on display. As a foreigner I don’t know a lot about the First Nations or their art, but if you were interested Darryl seems like the man who could tell you all about it.

Darryls Coffee and Native Art Shop
Darryl’s Coffee & Native Art Shop. Where Darryl has a sense of humour.

Another fantastic aspect of the café is the food. I only had the chance to try to pumpkin, cranberry and blueberry muffin by my god, it was the best muffin I’ve had in a long time. Smooth in texture, moist and sweet without being sugary, you could just tell it was homemade. That and the fact that it was as flat as a pancake, which would be unusual for a factory made muffin. Nonetheless, it was so delicious that I ate it all before remembering to take a photo!

Overall Darryl’s Coffee & Native Art Shop is a gem and I know I’ll be back in the very near future.


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