Cafe Review: Coo Coo Coffee

My search for the perfect coffee in Vancouver continues. It’s early days yet, so I haven’t made if out of downtown (it’ll happen). Or off Davie St really (that’ll happen too). But for the moment, here’s my latest coffee adventure.

Coo Coo Coffee
Coo Coo Coffee on Davie St

REVIEW: Coo Coo Coffee
477 Davie St
Yaletown, Vancouver

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Down the Yaletown end of Davie St is Coo Coo Coffee. I’d walked past it so many times that as soon as I saw the reviews on Yelp I knew exactly which café they were talking about. The cute little patio with a wrought iron fence out the front, always with one or two people looking relaxed and enjoying the sunshine; as much people watching those going by as they are being watched by the foot traffic. It was inevitable that I stop by.

Coo Coo Coffee
Coo Coo Cafe on Davie St

On the inside the café isn’t very big. That being said it’s couches and a bench top you can sit at, it’s unlikely you’ll have trouble finding a seat, even in bad weather. They offer a range of baked treats and lunch time snacks; I had a scone myself which was nice but nothing to write home about. More importantly though, the coffee was better. It had a nice, strong flavour and as soon as you took a sip, you knew you were drinking an espresso. It was a little thinner than I’d personally like, so I can’t say it’s my favourite coffee in town. But I’ve been there a couple of times now and it’s a reliably good coffee, which definitely counts for something. Also with the free wifi and relaxed staff it’s become my go to café in the area.

Coo Coo Coffee
Coo Coo Coffee on Davie St


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