The Zombie Syndrome (Another Reason I Love Vancouver)

Yesterday I heard of another reason to love (if not slightly fear) living in Vancouver:
The Zombie Syndrome.

 The Zombie Syndrome is an interactive theatre production where the audience have to work together to defend the wold from the ‘reanimated’ dead. I haven’t done it myself, but I’ve been told that it’s a sort of mash up between interactive theatre and a smartphone scavenger hunt. The audience, for example, is called the day before with the exact start location and will, during the event, will have to use their smartphones to solve clues.

I’ve never heard of anything quite like before. It sounds great! If you’re not completely, deeply scared of zombies. Which I am. So there is no way in hell I’ll be going to the show. I wish I could. I love both scavenger hunts and the idea of a play you can live out. I think it sounds brilliant! But if my one haunted house experience taught me anything, it’s that Ana just isn’t cut out for things that are interactively scary. I’d probably find a regular play about zombies terrifying; who know’s how I’d do if I was a part of it.

So while I won’t be going, if you’ve struggling to think of ways to enjoy the Halloween season in Vancouver the show is running until November the 3rd and according to the website additional seats have been added by popular demand.


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