Cafe Review: Melriches Coffeehouse

Melriches 2
Melriches on Davie St

It’s a stereotype I know and words like snob or fussy get thrown around, but as an Australian coffee is important. My morning latte has an almost ritualistic place in my daily routine. I look forward to it as soon as I get up and am a little bit sad once it’s over each day. When I lived in Australia I knew I enjoyed a good coffee, but I never realised how important getting that coffee was until I moved to Vancouver. As much as I love this city, I am struggling with some of the weak, watery drinks that have been served to me as ‘coffee’ here. And yes Starbucks, I’m talking about you. I appreciate the free wifi and comfortable couches, but adding shots of sugary syrup doesn’t make up for the inevitable disappointment I feel with your coffee.

Feel free to start accusations of snobbery now; I know I’ve earned it.

I have very distinct memories of my favourite café back home. You could smell the coffee as soon as you walked in. There was always a line out the door on a weekday mornings, and on weekends this would continue until well after lunch. They weren’t the cheapest café in the area, but their coffees were consistently delicious. They were always thick with a strong, earthy smell and creamy without being too milky. I guess it all comes down to taste, but like all Australians I had my favourite café and to me nothing else could compare. Maybe this is why I make such a big deal about coffee in Vancouver. As much as I love living here there are a few things that I really miss about home and a good coffee has come to embody all of them.

It’s unlikely that this will be my last post about coffee in Vancouver. I have grand plans to roam the streets, taste testing lattes from all the top rates cafes in the city. But just to show that I’m not a complete snob, and can  appreciate a good coffee that’s not made in Australia, here’s my  favourite coffee spot in the city so far.

Melriches 3
Melriches on Davie St

REVIEW: Melriches Coffeehouse 
1244 Davie St
West end, Vancouver

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

First and foremost, Melriches on Davie St serves consistently good coffee. I’ve never had of their drip coffee, but their latte’s always have a solid, creamy flavour and their milk is never burnt. I’ve read other reviews call their prices a little expensive. In my opinion the coffee is the same price or less than Starbucks, only with better quality. And you’re supporting a local business. How is that not be a bargain?

The café has a naturally inviting atmosphere that has more to do with all the locals who hang out there than anything in it’s decor. The fact that their playlist is punctuated with 80’s and 90’s classics that instantly bring a smile to your face also doesn’t hurt. Melriches offers a range of breakfast and lunch options, as well as a display full of brownies and baked treats that are testament to the fact that portion sizes are bigger in North America. To top it all off, they also offer a range of local beers if you’re afternoon coffee should turn into something more serious.

Overall Melriches is both an excellent place to get your  coffee and spend the rest of your morning. Easily my favourite café in Vancouver so far.

Melriches 1
Melriches on Davie St


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