My First Thanksgiving

IMG_4263Last weekend I celebrated my first Thanksgiving in Canada. I didn’t know a lot about the holiday going into the weekend, but I have to say it’s one after my own heart. For anyone who, like me, didn’t grow up with Thanksgiving it is traditionally about celebrating and giving thanks for the past harvest. Now that most of the population live in cities, it’s become more family focused. People get together with loved ones, share large turkey dinners and give thanks for the good things in their lives. Lots of food, being grateful for all life’s blessings and masses of pie; what a fantastic holiday!

I guess the holiday wouldn’t work so well back home. Firstly we’re in the wrong season for a lot of the things you’d associate with Thanksgiving like pumpkins, the end of the harvest and well, autumn. There are also a lot of places back home that have very different seasons to the traditional North American ones (i.e. wet and dry seasons instead of summer, spring etc). Still, I think it’s a pity we don’t have something like Thanksgiving back home. We make great apple cider (the alcoholic or ‘hard’ kind as they say here).

I was lucky enough to spend the long weekend doing very Canadian things; I was invited to a friend’s family Thanksgiving dinner and went for a hike to Lake Garibaldi. The dinner was delicious and after my second slice of pie I could barely move. The next day I couldn’t have asked for better hiking conditions. The air was crisp, the trail wasn’t crowded and the lake was breathtaking. I couldn’t believe this kind of scenery was just off the highway.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! What sort of things are you grateful for this year?

Lake Garibaldi


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